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In 2009 PRCM was approached by a large builder in the Edmonton area that was having problems getting concrete waranty work done. There are plenty of concrete placing contractors, but their business is placing, removals are a hassle for them.  The owner of PRCM having been in heavy construction for thirty years going from labourer to equipment operator to supervisor to estimator to  project manager right up to general manager, has been involved in removing a lot of concrete as well as many other aspects of construction.  PRCM agreed to do some removals on a trial basis. PRCM rented a bobcat excavator with a breaker, and a utility trailer to move the excavator, and haul away the concrete. PRCM already owned a pickup to pull the trailer and excavator.  When the builder's personnel saw how PRCM removed the concrete without destroying the landscaping they reccommended that PRCM be their exclusive concrete removal contractor.
The builder next had a problem with rear walks, several of their properties had steep grades in the rear.  The landscape contractors had placed precast sidewalk blocks on the grade so that it looked like a ski jump.  This would be a dangerous slipping hazard in winter, so the builder asked PRCM to look at it and build something safe.  The builder was so impressed with the precast steps that PRCM does the rear walks for any properties with grades that require steps.
Next the builder asked can you build a fence?  Having built one, my own, PRCM agreed to build some of the fences the builder required.
In the spring of 2010 PRCM took a risk, and purchased a new Bobcat excavator with breaker and auger attachments, and a new utilty trailer with a hydraulic dump.  A bigger pickup was also required so a new F-450 truck was added. 
2010 was a successful year, and PRCM has added several new clients, including one contractor that approached PRCM on a jobsite and asked if PRCM could demolish a small barn about the size of a garage.  PRCM agreed to look at it, and working with the contractor we devised a plan that brought the barn down without damaging a trailer less than a foot away from the barn.  PRCM successfully brought down the barn and removed the concrete slab under neath without damaging any existing structures. 
In order to grow PRCM needs to widen it's client base.  PRCM will look at any project with a can do attitude, if the project is not right for PRCM, PRCM will put you in contact with the right contractor